Come with us on a journey to the extraordinary land of UTIQUE, a brand of rich compositions, precious oils and the best formulas. The elegance, sophistication and finesse meet together to become a sensorial experience. Perfectly composed fragrances reflect beauty, harmony and energy of life. Luxurious oils are the Fusion of unforgettable subtleness and strength. Feel the magic of the UTIQUE World. Taking our inspiration from the precious gifts of nature, we have also drawn from the most recent breakthroughs in modern science to offer you cosmetics with unbelievable effects and breathtaking beauty. Discover ten mystical fragrances, six unique candles, four exclusive oils and luxury body care products – shower gels and body balms.




UTIQUE oils are liquid gold, a treasure which turns everyday care into an indescribable pleasure. By using the blending technique we combined several precious oils so that their effects complemented one another providing rejuvenation, moisturisation and regeneration of the skin. UTIQUE face and hair oils are rich in valuable vitamins.

Natural origin is the secret of their power. UTIQUE face and hair oils contain no preservatives, are rich in valuable vitamins, whereas organic certifications confirm top quality origin of selected ingredients.


In ancient times perfumes were made from natural raw materials and usually had the form of oils and lotions. Initially, only the rulers and the wealthiest citizens had access to these exclusive products.

UTIQUE perfumes go back to the roots of classic perfumery where carefully selected natural oils and the notes of nature are combined into an unparalleled quality. Created according to secret recipes, based on precious ingredients. Embodiment of greatness, mystery and exoticism. True masterpieces.


Luxury, elegance, wealth of top quality ingredients – the dream of perfection as well as full harmony of the body and the spirit – this is what the UTIQUE perfumes were born from. To offer the quality that so far could have been experienced when visiting small, highly exclusive boutiques in small districts of the world's fashion capitals. Drawing upon the knowledge of world class senseliers, UTIQUE perfumes are a line of niche fragrances made with top quality ingredients – elixirs with high concentration of essential oils.

Perfection, created for those who wish to escape from everyday life and head towards the most sophisticated experiences.

Meet our UTIQUE products

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