Initial Information

FM WORLD Distribution sp. z o.o. sp. k. with the registered seat in 51-129 Wrocław, Poland, at 247
Żmigrodzka street, incorporated in the National Court Register of Entrepreneurs run by District Court for Wrocław-Fabryczna in Wrocław, the 6th Economic Division of the National Court Register under number KRS: 0000636342, TIN: 8952093148, REGON identification number: 365370145, hereinafter “FM WORLD Distribution”, operates in the field of Multi-Level Marketing offering wide selection of perfumes, cosmetic products and household chemicals. We conduct our business on the basis of multi-level marketing, which consists of selling and promoting products through building sales networks created by series of recommendations.

A candidate expresses willingness to join the FM WORLD Club by filling in a registration form, via the www.register-global.fmworld.com website. In order to apply, it is necessary for a Candidate to express his/her consent to the processing of personal data to the extent necessary to execute the agreement of participation in the FM WORLD Club (Business Partnership Agreement, Agreement).

During the registration process one is required to provide a unique e-mail address and personal information.

Completion of the registration process in line with the instructions herein, leads to the conclusion of an agreement of participation in the FM WORLD Club (Partnership Agreement), pursuant to which the Candidate becomes a member of the FM WORLD Club (Business Partner).

Address: FM WORLD Distribution sp. z o.o. sp. k. ul. Żmigrodzka 247 51-129 Wrocław
Emails: contact@distribution.fmworld.com complaints@distribution.fmworld.com

3. FM WORLD Club joining procedure
FM WORLD products are available at Business Partner prices only for the FM WORLD Club Members
(Business Partners). In order to purchase our products directly from FM WORLD Distribution you need to become a member of the FM WORLD Club (Business Partner). You can also build the sales network and receive remuneration.


3.1. Filling in the form at register-global.fmworld.com – submission of the offer;

3.2. Confirmation of receipt of the offer and conditional acceptance of the offer sent by FM WORLD Distribution to the e-mail address indicated in the form, along with the activation link;

3.3. Clicking on the activation link (conclusion of the agreement of participation in the FM WORLD Club);

3.4. Receipt of a username and one-time password from FM WORLD Distribution as well as confirmation of agreement conclusion.

4. TECHNICAL ACTIVITIES of concluding the agreement
By filling in the registration form on
www.register-global.fmworld.com the Candidate submits to FM WORLD Distribution an offer to conclude an agreement of participation in the FM WORLD Club, as a result of which, 

  • Candidate shall receive Membership in the FM WORLD Club on the principles set out in the agreement, as well as in the FM WORLD Club Regulations, the Marketing Plan and the Code of Ethics.
  • The offer is binding, if FM WORLD Distribution sends a confirmation of receipt thereof to the unique e-mail address indicated by the Candidate. Along with the confirmation of acceptance of the offer FM WORLD Distribution sends the Candidate a statement of conditional acceptance of the offer. Clicking on the activation link sent by FM WORLD Distribution within 30 days of its sending is a prerequisite for concluding the agreement. The click also confirms that the Candidate filled in the form on www.register-global.fmworld.com.
  • Clicking on the activation link results in sending a unique request to the FM WORLD Distribution server, which processes the request sent through a click on the activation link, and then generates a response to the browser, the agreement conclusion procedure is finished. The FM WORLD Distribution server records the date and time of the request sent, i.e. of having clicked on the activation link, the external IP assigned to the computer on which the activation link was clicked as well as the content of the messages sent to the Candidate.

Results of the offer receipt confirmation

FM WORLD Distribution, by sending a message with an activation link, confirms the receipt of an offer to join the FM WORLD Club as well as confirms its conditional acceptance. Clicking on the activation link is tantamount to signing the Agreement.

5. CODE of ETHICS of the FM WORLD Club
FM WORLD Distribution uses the Code of Ethics of the FM WORLD Club shared before signing up. The
Code of Ethics of the FM WORLD Club is also available upon logging on https://distribution.fmworld.com/en/downloads/

The Agreement is concluded exclusively in Polish translated to English.

7. PRINCIPLES of recording, protection and sharing of the Agreement content.
The content of the offer, and after its approval the content of the Agreement is recorded by FM
WORLD Distribution on servers protected against unauthorized access. FM WORLD Distribution applies a security policy for the protection of personal data. The Agreement is stored by FM WORLD Distribution. Content of the Agreement is available for registered users, and can also be made available at the request of a Business Partner.

The data is entered into the system via the form available at register-global.com. The form enables detection of an error when entering data through the use of active forms. Data, to be entered, must be given in a required format. Entering wrong data by a Candidate, followed by approval of the data by sending the form, may be corrected by direct contact with the Complaints Department e-mail: complaints@distribution.fmworld.com. Data shall be corrected after verification of the identity of the person requesting the correction. The form via which the data is sent is protected by the SSL protocol. The data provided in the form is encrypted.

Business Partners’ prices are displayed in our online store at

The order placing process has been described step by step in the document called “Placing orders
step by step”. Whereas information on filing complaints can be found in “Complaints”. Both documents are available in the web shop in the end of the order check out process.

A Business Partner has the right to withdraw from the agreement concluded electronically within 14
days of its conclusion and for this purpose they should submit a statement to FM WORLD Distribution.

The Business Partnership Agreement is concluded for an indefinite period. Each Party shall have the
right to terminate the Agreement (Membership in the FM WORLD Club), with a week's notice period effective at the end of a calendar month.

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