Started his great journey with hairdressing in 1995 and in the year 2000 he was already training hundreds of specialists. Currently, Maciej owns four academies in the most prestigious locations in Cracow, Warsaw, Katowice and Rzeszow. Thanks to his work, which is also his true passion, he is revolutionising the hairdressing market in Poland. He has been involved in to the fashion industry for many years and now is known as the hairdresser of celebrities. The head judge in the Polish TV show "Perfect Cut", the host of the "Hairdresser's Affair" TV show at the Polish "TVN Style" TV channel and a master of metamorphosis from the "Sablewska way to fashion" Polish TV show. He is a real virtuoso of scissors. The man for whom hair has no secrets. Maciej is now the ambassador of the HAIRLAB line.

Professional hair care in the comfort of your home? From now on it is possible. To meet your expectations, we have created HAIRLAB – the line of hair care cosmetics ensuring healthy and beautiful looking hair. Rich composition and perfect recipes tailored to your individual needs will make the dream of a great hairstyle a reality.

Professional hair care in the comfort of your home

Did you know that a well-groomed scalp helps you to avoid many problems such as dandruff, greasy hair or hair loss? A beautiful hairstyle is the effect of taking care of two things: the hair surface and the scalp. That is why we have developed the innovative HAIRLAB cosmetics formula so that they work with double power. The HAIRLAB lines DELICATE², ANTI DANDRUFF², ENERGISING² and STRONG2 & MORE HAIR have great effects on scalp and combat scalp disorders as dandruff, hair fallout and greasy hair. AQUA², CURLY², INTENSE² REGENERATING, VOLUME², IDEAL² COLOUR series provide perfect care for hair, nourishing it, rejuvenating it, increasing its volume and enhancing its colour. The SWIFT² STYLING and RAPID² REFRESHING series ensure a perfect hairstyle in an extremely short time. HAIRLAB cosmetics complement each other perfectly, so you can combine products from various series, being sure, that you're taking best care of the scalp and hair surface.

Every HAIRLAB cosmetic has a highly concentrated formula which brings fantastic results. If you are looking for spectacular and immediately visible effects, you should use all the cosmetics from one line at the same time. Remember about the correct sequence:

  • first shampoo your hair
  • then apply the mask
  • follow with an elixir, oil or spray in the end You can also take a next step and mix selected products together. For instance, you can add to Aqua² Mask a few drops of Ideal² Colour Elixir. Your hair will be hydrated and regain intense depth of colour and the same time. There are no limits in the HAIRLAB Universe. A result will always be just that: beautiful and healthy looking hair

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FOR WHOM? For people who like to experiment with their image. THE EFFECT: Buns, curls, backcombs, mohawks – let your imagination run wild, and the SWIFT2 STYLING line will make you enjoy the perfect hairstyle for an incredibly long time.

FOR WHOM? For people who live fast, travel frequently, work irregularly and whose hair has a tendency to be greasy. THE EFFECT: Unannounced visits, sudden trips, unexpected meetings – whatever the circumstances, we want to look perfect. The RAPID² REFRESHING series will give your hair a flawless look in every situation.

FOR WHOM? For people who have over-dried and dull hair, highly static, with split ends. THE EFFECT: Thanks to intensively nourishing formula enriched with an extra dose of hyaluronic acid, the AQUA² line perfectly hydrates hair which is dry, prone to frizzing and damaged. AQUA² brings back the flexibility and silkiness to hair, providing glow and protection also to colour-treated hair. POWER OF MOISTURISING INGREDIENTS:

  • Hyaluronic acid: gives hair and scalp the long-lasting effect of moisturising, it protects hair from dehydrating
  • Panthenol: conditions the hair by building into its  structure - not only moisturizes, but also thickens them, increasing their volume and makes them shiny and easy to comb 
  • Jojoba oil: is a liquid gold in daily haircare. It brings back the elasticity and flexibility to hair while making it soft and resistant to frizz
  • Linseed oil: it contains EFA (essential fatty acid) which participate in the production of phospholipids and thus help maintain the skin’s water and lipid balance and proper level of moisture
  • Rice oil: makes hair looking shiny and healthy
  • Diglycerin: it binds water to moisturise and make hair strands more flexible

FOR WHOM? For people who have dry, brittle and problematic hair, prone to damage after chemical treatments. It is especially recommended for long and thick hair (the highly concentrated formula of the INTENSE² REGENERATING may weigh the hair down). THE EFFECT: Thanks to carefully selected ingredients, it provides intense hydration and nutrition for dry and damaged hair. The series comprises of three ideally paired products which guarantee the best possible condition of your hair. POWER OF REGENERATING INGREDIENTS:

  • Panthenol: is a hydrophilic substance that easily binds water. As a result, it moisturises, strengthens and intensively nourishes hair
  • Hydrolyzed vegetable proteins: they penetrate minor damage to the hair fiber on a temporary "cement" basis. Thanks to this, hair looks healthy and becomes moisturised and smoothed
  • Castor oil: obtained from castor seeds (Ricinus communis) is extremely rich in omega-9 acids, prevents falling out and breaking hair, accelerates their growth and perfectly nourishes them
  • Sunflower oil: moisturises, strengthens and nourishes the hair and gives them a beautiful shine

FOR WHOM? For people who have thin, delicate and flat hair. VOLUME2 Line can be also used on bleached hair. THE EFFECT: The series guarantees that your hair gains incredible volume while at the same time getting hydrated and nourished. Thanks to the unique formula, your hair gets stronger and you will re-discover its flexibility and shine again. SUPERPOWER INGREDIENTS:

  • Hydrolyzed wheat protein: rich in glutamine, proline and cystine, has a strong nurturing effect – it works well on the scalp, binds water along the entire length of the hair, effectively regenerates and rebuilds damaged strands, prevents hair static, affects nutrition, hydration and volume increase
  • Panthenol: is hydrophilic, a ‘water loving’ ingredient which absorbs water easily to nourish scalp and hair, improving their condition by penetrating its structure. It’s not only hydrating them, but also thickening and increasing its volume, makes them shiny and easy to comb
  • Horsetail extract (Equisetum): it is a real reservoir of easily absorbable silica and potassium, magnesium, quercetin and vitamin C with amazing properties to strengthen and prevent hair loss

FOR WHOM? For people with dyed hair, damaged and in need of nutrition. THE EFFECT: IDEAL² COLOUR – enhances colour depth and intensity after colour treatments and protects against colour fade. What’s more, it moisturises and nourishes hair with precious ingredients. Your hairdo will look as if just colour-treated by a professional hairdresser. POWER OF SUPER STRONG INGREDIENTS:

  • Derived from meadowfoam seed oil (Limnanthes alba): rich in vitamins E and F, with moisturising and nourishing properties, perfectly conditions hair, giving them pearly glow, strengthens color and protects against fading
  • Jojoba oil: is a liquid gold in daily hair care. It brings back the elasticity and flexibility. Hair becomes soft and resistant to frizz. Makes hair incredibly shiny
  • Shea butter: acts as a natural conditioner for dry, brittle and split hair - smoothes them, improves their condition and makes them shiny

FOR WHOM? For people who have curly, unruly and frizzy hair. THE EFFECT: Rich in precious nourishing ingredients CURLY² products make hair smooth and easier to style. It creates a seal which prevents curly hair from absorbing too much water, protects it against environmental conditions and high temperature during styling. POWER OF SMOOTHING INGREDIENTS:

  • Hydrolysed wheat proteins: have strong nourishing properties, help to smooth curly hair creating a protective seal which make hair texture visibly refined
  • Hydrolysed collagen: helps nourish the natural protective layer of hair
  • Vitamin E: moisturises hair bringing back an incredible shine

FOR WHOM? For people who seek gentle but effective haircare solutions, especially for hair with dandruff and scalp prone to irritations, such as for instance itchy skin. THE EFFECT: ANTI-DANDRUFF² line regulates excess production of sebum and prevents the formation of dandruff thanks to the technologically advanced formula of the cosmetic and powerful ingredients. It strengthens the hair, making it extremely shiny and nourished. POWER OF CALMING INGREDIENTS:

  • Birch extract: eliminates the excess production of sebum and formation of dandruff, it boosts the keratin layer of dry and damaged hair
  • Extract of the bark of the cinchona: it has a stimulatory effect on hair, boosting its growth, improves the scalp circulation helping nourish and strengthen hair roots
  • Extract of sage: strengthens hair texture and has a positive impact on hair roots
  • Vitamin B6 and PP: greatly nourish scalp and hair, stimulate hair, preventing its fallout
  • Piroctone olamine: effective remedy for fungi, Candida and bacteria, prevents formation of dandruff and helps balance pH level of the scalp
  • Allantoin: soothes the scalp

FOR WHOM? For people who have weak hair, prone to falling out. THE EFFECT: Perfectly refreshed scalp and boosted hair texture. Thanks to precious ingredients and unique formula, the shampoo prevents hair loss, providing hair with an incredible and healthy shine.  BOOSTING POWER OF THE INGREDIENTS:

  • Ginseng extract: improves the condition of hair bulbs and strengthens their matrix, preventing hair loss
  • Burdock extract: supports regeneration of the scalp and reduces hair loss
  • Vitamin B8: strengthens hair roots and reduces the production of sebum  
  • Arginine: stimulates hair growth and facilitates the transportation of key active ingredients into the scalp

FOR WHOM? For people who suffer from the problem of hair loss. THE EFFECT: Thanks to advanced technology, it improves the condition of hair roots and visibly reduces hair loss. Ultra strengthening HAIRLAB of weak and prone to fallout hair. POWER OF EXTRA INGREDIENTS:

  • Biotin: is a natural source of sulphur which is indispensable in formation of keratin which participates in building hair – it improves the condition of hair and reduces its fallout
  • Zinc and calcium: are active ingredients which help regenerate even the most damaged hair
  • Extract of common yarrow: strengthens hair texture. Greatly treats problematic, greasy scalp and combats dandruff
  • Cinchona extract: stimulates hair growth and reduces hair loss; improves blood circulation of the scalp
  • Extract of tussilago farfara: reduces production of sebum and oily hair as well as hair fallout

FOR WHOM? For people who have sensitive and prone to irritation skin. THE EFFECT: Thanks to perfectly selected ingredients it gently cleanses scalp and hair providing it with optimal moisture. POWER OF SOOTHING INGREDIENTS:

  • Derivative of glycyrrhizic acid: perfectly binds water and has an antioxidant effect restoring the pH balance of the scalp
  • Panthenol: is hydrophilic substance which perfectly moisture hair and scalp.
  • Magnesium sulfate: helps restore balance of scalp and keep the right level of moisture
  • Hydrolysed wheat protein: have powerful nourishing properties; creates a protective seal on hair

PROBLEM SOLVED! Diagnose it with the help of our table and choose the right cosmetic. Enjoy healthy scalp and beautiful hair with HAIRLAB!


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