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For thousands of years, people all over the world have been in love with one of the most exciting, exhilarating, sensual, provocative and desirable products ever created… perfume.


Welcome to the world of FM PERFUME

  • FM perfumes are in the same 6 Fragrance Family Groups as every other leading brand throughout the world.

  • In stores, most people buy Eau de Toilette (only 3-8% concentrated perfume oil) because of the very high cost of buying the actual parfum or eau de parfum versions.

  • FM Parfum is at least 20% concentrated and FM Eau de Parfum is least 16% perfume oil, which means they last longer than weaker Eau de Toilette ones




More FM Perfume Products

As well as the Federico Mahora and Utique ranges of FM perfumes, FM World also includes perfumed antiperspirants, body lotions, shower gels, aftershaves, creams, face creams, foot care, shampoos, conditioners, shaving foam and other scented cosmetics, as well as collections such as Gold Regenesis, Hello Honey and the new symbol of the luxury skin care – Utique creams.

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sensual and romantic This is the most comprehensive family of fragrances. Floral compositions create fresh, ethereal and delicate bouquets. You can go ahead and experiment with scents and change them depending on the occasion. The romantic character of these perfumes was created to emphasise sensuality.


seductive and classic Exceptionally intriguing family of fragrances, dominated by forest, grass and herbal accords. Lts name comes from French and means fern. Designed for those who appreciate the classics and value traditional beauty canons. Compositions, which represent professionalism and emphasise the style of a mature man. 


joyful and energetic Juicy fruits form an extremely refreshing citrus group provide a refreshing sensation and an amazing boost of energy. They emphasise your temperament, sociable and cheerful nature, and put you in a good mood. Perfect for people who enjoy life to the fullest.


strong and untamed Fragrances associated with Far East countries, reminiscent of exotic trips, mysterious places and intriguing situations. These are compositions with warm and exotic tones. Both sweet and smoky notes appear in them. They are perfect for autumn and winter days and special occasions.


sensual and tempting This family is dominated by bold, strong and chic compositions. They evoke the smell of silk scarves and elegant gloves. Woody and herbal-earth notes pulsating in perfumes give them clear and fresh aroma that attracts attention and adds confidence. Suitable for people with a strong character, intriguing and sensual.


sophisticated and classy Warm and deep notes combined with refmed accords create an elegant and sophisticated group of fragrances. Many of them were used to create perfumes in ancient times. They stand out with a resin, forest aroma. These moody, mysterious and noble compositions add faith to your abilities.




Are the perfumes real?
Our perfumes are certainly not fake, in fact, perhaps better. FM has exclusive access to the DROM factory in Germany which is one of the top 10 perfume suppliers in de World. They make the perfumes of the top brands such as Chanel, Gucci, Dior etc. Even though the perfumes smell exactly the same as the real brands, they still remain exclusive of FM. So completely legal.

Do the perfumes smell long?
Yes! Most scents you buy use only 4-16% of the fragrance concentrates, we use 20% or more fragrance concentrates !! This makes the fragrance much stronger so you can smell it all day long.

(TIP do you no longer smell it yourself? Ask someone to smell it, because you quickly get used to the smell and it seems as if it is gone, if you let someone smell it who smells it!)

Why are they so cheap?
FM perfumes are given a unique code instead of an expensive brand name. In addition, we do not pay large amounts for the beautiful packaging of the perfumes! We also do not use celebrities or expensive advertisements. We use people like you and me to promote the perfumes on different platforms. And this allows us to offer our fragrances much cheaper.

Our Perfume lines

Pure perfume
Our pure perfume consists of eau de parfum and perfume. An eau de parfum
contains at least 16% fragrance concentrate. A perfume contains at least 20%
fragrance concentrate.

Intense perfume
Our intense perfume consists of perfumes with 24-30% fragrance concentrate. These smell so more intense and the fragrance lingers longer. Keep in mind that customers are often used to an eau de toilette. Few of our customers buy a perfume because it is just
very expensive. An eau de toilette contains only 5% -8% fragrance concentrates.

Pheromone perfume
The Pheromone perfumes contain natural pheromones which provide a natural attraction odor to the opposite sex.

Luxury perfume & Royal collection
Some of our perfumes are part of the luxury collection. These are all perfumes and contain at least 20% fragrance concentrate. The luxury fragrances are all supplied in a more luxurious bottle. Our Royal collection will gradually expand. These are supplied in a luxury box and bottle. All Royals are perfumes.


Do you want a fragrance advice?
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