Eggs in Clouds


  • eggs
  • tomatoes
  • chive (chopped finely) 
  • grated cheese
  • whole wheat bread
  • salt


Pre-heat oven to 280°C. Separate the yolks from egg whites. Season egg whites with salt and beat with a whisk until frothy. Add grated cheese and mix together.

Separate the mixture into portions in the same amount of eggs used. Place portions on baking paper. Using a spoon create a small sized  hole in the centre,  to fit an egg yolk. Bake the egg whites for 3 minutes. Take them out and fill the centre holes with egg yolks. Heat in the oven for another 3 minutes again. Slice the tomatoes into thin slices.

Eggs in Clouds to be served with a slice of bread, tomatoes and sprinkled with chives on top.

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