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Beauty vitamins, or eating to be gorgeous

Well-groomed hair, hard nails and velvety, balanced complexion are the object of our desire from an early age. Television and colour magazines exert pressure on us to be beautiful. But what we can do when Mother Nature has not given us the dream, thick hair and our nails often break?

The problem may lie in a poorly balanced diet, it turns out that the way we eat has a significant impact on our beauty. Food that we deliver to our body, must contain an appropriate amount of vitamins and minerals that will support the proper functioning of our skin, hair and nails.

Vitamins and trace elements are supplied to the internal organs first. If there is too little of them in our diet, our skin, nails and hair cease to be nourished. The long-term deficiencies of elements responsible for our beauty lead to its gradual destruction. Such skin problems as acne, pimples and blackheads can be the first symptoms of our body's malnutrition. The same applies to splitting nails, dry and hair falling out. This is a way of our body telling us that something bad is happening and our eating habits need to be changed right now.

Its not possible to keep the health and beauty without respecting the principles of healthy eating. Varied diet and appropriately selected supplements can help us get rid of hair, skin and nails problems. But which nutrients and trace elements play a key role in maintaining the beauty? Here they are.

Vitamin A is a universal youth vitamin. It comes in two active forms: retinol and retinoid. It is responsible, in out body, for proper operation of eyes, functioning of the epithelium and maintenance of normal condition of skin, hair and nails. Its deficiency results in such skin problems as acne and hyperkeratosis of the epidermis. Then the use of even the best creams does not help much, so it's time to begin healing from the inside out. It is important for our diet to be rich in retinol. Natural source of vitamin A in the diet are carrots, spinach, red pepper, butter, pork liver and ripened cheese. But beware, it's also important not to exceed the daily dose of vitamin A, as its overdose can be toxic to our liver.

Also B group vitamins have a beneficial impact on our beauty. It has been proved that riboflavin deficiency causes cracking and peeling lips, so common in the fall and winter season. A lack of this vitamin causes the formation of persistent cheilosis in the corners of the mouth. Riboflavin also delays the processes of wrinkle formation and improves the skin tone. Thiamine accelerates the process of wound healing and reduces the risk of inflammatory changes of the skin, such as acne and blackheads.

Falling out and breaking hair is often a symptom of a lack of iron in our diet. Iron is a trace element that is involved in our body in the process of cellular respiration. Iron ions, forming haemoglobin, provide energy to cells of the hair matrix, which – thanks to its intense division and differentiation - creates powerful and strong hair. Well absorbed iron can be found in meat and offals as well as in pumpkin and sunflower seeds, avocados, spinach, walnuts and parsley.

Another micronutrient very important for our hair is copper. This mineral is present in very small quantities in the diet, but its deficiency can be fatal for the state of our hair and nails. Copper is actively involved in the processes of absorption of iron, while preventing baldness. It is very well absorbed by the cells of our body, including the cells responsible for the condition of the hair follicles and nail plate. Copper is also known for its antioxidant properties. This means that it effectively prevents the harmful effects of free radicals that accelerate the aging process. Natural sources of copper in the diet are seafood, meat, natural cocoa, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds as well as nuts and almonds.

Brittle and splitting nails can also be a signal that our body needs zinc. Its deficiency occurs in the majority of the population. Zinc in fact occurs in the products that we eat rarely and in quantities too small to cover the demand for it. These include, among others, veal liver, pumpkin seeds, Emmental cheese and almonds. Large amounts of zinc are also found in dark chocolate and cocoa. It is recommended to supplement this element in the diet.

Nutricosmetics have been present on the market for some time now. They are food supplements created in a very unique way. Nutricosmetics contain complex of vitamins as well as micro and macro-elements, the main task of which is to protect our beauty from the inside. These are usually present in an easily absorbed form of pills taken once a day. One of such food supplements, both for women and men, is the NUTRICODE HAIR SKIN NAILS with the Pro-Beauty Formula, which contains a complex of B group, A, C and E vitamins as well as microelements which are responsible for the condition our hair and nails. An additional advantage of this product is the content of brewer's yeast and sulphur amino acids that promote hair growth and prevent the formation of skin eruptions on the face. This supplement also deserves attention because of its high antioxidant potential – it contains pomegranate extract, which has a very high ability to counteract free radicals. It works by inhibiting reactive oxygen species responsible for DNA damage and aging.

Rational nutrition and appropriately selected supplementation are an answer to the question of how to preserve beauty for years. So if we learn to use the power of nutrients, vitamins and trace elements, our hair, skin and nails will respond with a beautiful appearance which we will be proud of. It is important, however, not to expect results overnight – regularity and conscientiousness are our greatest allies in the struggle for natural beauty.

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